A Practical Approach to the Veterinary Neurological and Orthopaedic Patient

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Veterinarians Frederique Bavelaar and D. C. Aharon give us an invaluable reference work for orthomanual veterinary medicine. The book provides a detailed introduction to the field of orthomanual veterinary medicine and what it entails. It offers practical guidance on the clinical examination, anatomy, pathophysiology, orthopaedics and neurology. With contributions from several European colleagues: Ángel María Hernández Guerra (Prof, DVM, PhD), Franck Forterre (Prof, DVM, DECVS), Laurent Garosi (DVM, DECVN, MRCVS), Paul Mandigers (DVM, PhD, DECVN) and I. M. (Inge) van Geijlswijk (PharmD, PhD).

How is the book organized?

A practical book needs a practical organization. This book contains 19 chapters. The first chapters present the basic principles. For example, when should you choose orthomanual treatment, and when not?

A key chapter is the one describing the physical examination of the animal. The book closes with a user-friendly index listing the most relevant terms and page numbers on which they can be found.

Product details

  • 300 page’s
  • 17 x 24 cm
  • paperback
  • >140 figures and illustrations
  • ISBN 9789083059709
  • Authors
    F. J. Bavelaar, DVM, PhD
    D. C. Aharon, DVM

This book is a revised and expanded version of a Dutch publication entitled “Orthomanuele Diergeneeskunde: Methode Aharon”. The Dutch book is available for purchase at libre.nl.